Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Sibiryak, Sibiryachok and Mamin Sibiryak, their yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Sibiryak, Sibiryachok and Mamin Sibiryak, their yield

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Siberian vegetable crops have long found their admirers among Russian gardeners. New products are assigned expressive names that give an idea of ​​the merits of the variety. An example is the tomato Sibiryak f1 - a unique hybrid with large, dessert-like fruits. The record weight of the Sibiryak was recorded at 2.8 kg. Agree, such tomatoes are rarely found even when grown in ideal conditions for culture in the south of Russia.

The varieties and hybrids that the Siberian collection offers deserve attention due to the exceptional qualities and reliability of the seed material. Among the large offer you can find varieties with different growing periods, from dwarf to two-meter lianas, with fruits of a bizarre shape, color and size. The main positive characteristic of zoned varieties is the ability to give a guaranteed yield in difficult climatic conditions.

Sibiryak variety

This hybrid immediately attracts attention with its large and tasty fruits. The advantages include the plant's non-susceptibility to certain diseases.

This is how the main characteristics of the Sibiryak tomato look:

  • late-ripening tomato with a growing season of 130-140 days;
  • plant of unlimited growth, indeterminate, well leafy;
  • the first brush is laid over 11-12 leaves;
  • fruits are flat-round in shape with a slight ribbing near the stalk, red in color;
  • the pulp is dense, juicy, sugary, good dessert taste;
  • up to 4.5 kg of fruits are harvested from a bush with a weight of one fruit from 400 to 600 g.

Tall tomatoes are grown in greenhouses and require binding of the stem to the support. You will have to spend additional efforts on the formation of the plant.

Features of variety care

Caring for determinant, late-ripening varieties has some differences.

  1. Prolonged growth will require earlier planting of seeds for seedlings in late February, early March.
  2. At the initial stage of growth, the seedlings are illuminated, trying to prevent them from stretching.
  3. Seedlings are planted in the greenhouse in the last days of April at the age of 50-55 days. Planting pattern 40 x 60 cm.
  4. The plant is removed in one stem, removing all lateral shoots and leaves from the ground part. The growth point is pinched after the formation of 5-7 brushes.
  5. It is imperative to tie the plant to a reliable support or trellis.
  6. Watering, weeding, loosening of the soil and hilling of the stem are carried out in a timely manner. Top dressing according to the standard rules every 2-3 weeks.

By creating comfortable conditions for the plant, you can get tomatoes with a unique weight. After all, someone managed to grow a huge specimen weighing almost three kilograms.

Tomato variety "Mamin Sibiryak"

This original name was given to another new variety of Siberian breeders. "Mamin Sibiryak" is really notable for its unusual, elongated fruit shape and high yield.

Here is a small description of the variety:

  • mid-season plant with a growth duration of 111-115 days;
  • determinant bush, reaches a height of 120-150 cm;
  • the first inflorescence is formed over 7-8 leaves;
  • fruits are cylindrical, red, shiny, slightly thickened in the lower part;
  • tomatoes have excellent taste characteristics and are ideal for whole-fruit canning, stuffing, preparation of winter and summer salads;
  • on one cluster there are 5-7 fruits of various sizes with a weight of 60-150 g;
  • the variety demonstrates an excellent yield up to 20 kg / sq. m.

The variety has excellent commercial and consumer characteristics. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Agricultural technology and care

Varieties with limited growth are easy to care for, Mamin Sibiryak's tomato is no exception. To care for him, you do not need to perform any unusual techniques.

  1. Seeds for seedlings are planted 60-65 days before transplanting to a permanent place. Seed germination temperature is 23-25 ​​degrees.
  2. Seedlings dive into separate containers in the phase of appearance of 1 true leaf, carry out the first feeding.
  3. They are planted in a permanent place according to the scheme of 40 x 50 cm. The variety tolerates very dense plantings of up to 5-9 bushes per 1 sq. m.
  4. Further care is quite traditional, consisting of watering, dressing, loosening the soil, weeding.

With minimal labor costs, you can get an excellent harvest of beautiful and very tasty tomatoes that grow in all climatic zones.

Variety "Sibiryachok"

The early ripe fruitful tomato Sibiryachok is distinguished by its extreme unpretentiousness in care and excellent consumer qualities of the fruit. It grows well in protected and open ground.

Main characteristics and description of the variety:

  • early ripening tomato with a growing season of 103-108 days;
  • a plant of a determinant type, which independently stops growing after the formation of 4-5 brushes;
  • the bush is low, compact, does without a trunk tie and removal of stepchildren;
  • the first brush is formed over 5-7 leaves;
  • fruits are round, smooth, with a firm skin of bright red color, weighing 90-100 g;
  • the pulp is very dense, juicy enough, excellent tomato flavor;
  • tomatoes are stored for a long time, suitable for whole fruit preparations, making salads, mashed potatoes, juices.

The appearance of the fruits, their ability to be stored for a long time have earned excellent reviews. Early ripening is very important in a short summer. But some agronomic techniques allow you to get the harvest even faster.

Care rules

"Sibiryachok" is unpretentious, and is suitable for growing in seedlings and planting seeds immediately in a permanent place.

  1. It is recommended to sow seeds for seedlings in the last decade of March.
  2. In the stage of 1-2 permanent leaves, the seedlings are planted in separate pots.
  3. Plants are planted in a permanent place at the age of 55-60 days. The planting pattern is quite dense 50 x 40 cm.
  4. Bushes should have by this time 6-7 permanent leaves and at least 1 flower cluster.
  5. Care involves watering, weeding, loosening the soil.
  6. With minimal labor costs, the first tomatoes should ripen in July.

Such simplicity of caring for thermophilic crops is possible due to the genetic characteristics of Siberian breeding hybrids and varieties.

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