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How strawberries of different varieties hibernate

How strawberries of different varieties hibernate

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Winter is different in the regions. How to winter strawberries at a temperature of 40 degrees Elizabeth, Sonata, Garland? Thanks for the answer!


Strawberries under a layer of snow cover can withstand up to -25-30 ° С. Without snow cover, just under the mulch -12-20 ° C, while the plant partially freezes. If you live in a region with frosts of -40 ° C, it is advisable to grow in a greenhouse. Even if you use the air-dry method of shelter (there is airspace between the bushes and the shelter), there is a great risk of losing the bushes.

If you still want to take a chance, then use hilling, and shelter with spruce or coniferous spruce branches using cover material. Shelter is carried out only at low temperatures, otherwise there will be a risk of warming.